Price List

Examples of our fees in case of a publication through Tammo Ernst and Werner Ernst.

each 45 Euro/67,50 Euro
For new photos (> 2 years) from auctions and selections (catalogue photos included), competitions and other equestrian events (sport and breeding). Valid for breeders / riders and owners who would like to publish a photo only once on their own website (resolution  13cm x 18cm and 120dpi) or once in the catalogue or  in printed advertisement.

80 Euro/120 Euro
For single use of our photo for your own facebookpage / twitter or youtube ( 13x18cm 120dpi) or multiple use in cataloque or usage on different websites.

160 Euro/240 Euro
Publishing our photos on horse databases as rimondo, ehorses or horsetelex or on apps or in e-books.

250 Euro/375 Euro
Multiple use for self-advertisement in the internet, catalogues, leaflets, personal ads or autograph card, your own press release, websites of your business partner, blog, facebook or similar internet portals like horse databases as rimondo, ClipMyHorse, sporthorse-data or horsetelex.

Deposit or prepayment may be required. If you order photos out of our archive (shooting date more than two years) please add 50% of the price above. Any use rights, the customer acquires only with complete payment.

We can grant a discount on the invoice amount if you order more than 2 photos.

We would be pleased to work out an individual fixed price proposal and would send you previews of the available photos for selection or layout without charge.

Another advantage you get from our photos is that the right of use, to which you agreed and for which you pay, is valid for 2 years!

Mandatory note directly on the photos “” or “Photo: © Werner Ernst” resp. “Photo: © Tammo Ernst”. Prior approval is always required for any use of our photos. The simplest way is by means of our Contact Form or per e-mail. In any case the copyright remains with the photographer. Any violation will be prosecuted under criminal as well as civil law. All prices are quoted excluding the legally valid VAT and bank charges.

The prices for photo prints (13 cm x 18 cm; 5.1 x 7.1 in) without publishing rights start at 18 Euro per photo plus VAT and shipment.

Taking photos of horses at a site of your choice, we charge 150 Euro per horse plus 150 Euro per hour at the site. Discount if there are 3 or more horses at one site/day: 90 Euro per horse plus 90 Euro per hour. Further we charge 49 cent per kilometre (0.62 miles) or costs for the flight respectively, plus hotel costs and VAT. All publishing rights for self-advertisement of the photos I have taken are included.

Our minimum fees for publishing photos from Werner and Tammo Ernst once in your newspaper, magazine, booklet, book or calendar. Only print (inner part) without internet or blog.

Minimum fee for one photo for newspapers, horse-magazines, program booklet ( 1/4 page )
25,- Euro plus tax and bank fee. Archiv-photos (older than 2 years): 38,- Euro plus tax and bank fee.

Minimum fee for one photo books or catalogs:
45,- Euro plus tax and bank fee. Archiv-photos (older than 2 years): 60,- Euro plus tax and bank fee.

Minimum fee for one photo calendars:
60,- Euro plus tax and bank fee. Archiv-photos (older than 2 years): 90,- Euro plus tax and bank fee.

Please ask for special price for second impression, title, advertisement or Internet. Deposit or prepayment may be required.

Please notice following important things to use our photos:

Under the terms of the German Copyright Act, photographers Tammo Ernst and Werner Ernst are entitled to the copyright to all photographs which have been taken by them.
Unless otherwise agreed, the customer merely acquires simple right of use to the photographs. The customer acquires this right of use after paying for the photographs in full. Passing the rights of use to third parties is forbidden in all cases without my prior written consent. Copyright remains with the photographers at all times.

All our photographs are to be stored, copied or transmitted in such a way that the file information and copyright information connected with each photograph remain linked to the image file. The copyright notices “Photo Tammo Ernst”, “Photo Werner Ernst” or “” remain part of each published photo at all times, regardless of the form in which it is published.

The customer is responsible for acquiring rights of use which extend beyond photographic copyright and for obtaining permission for publication for collections, museums etc. The customer is responsible for the text accompanying the photographs and for any interpretations resulting from actual publication.

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