Auction foals and broodmares, 9th and 10th of August 2019

  1. Pferdefotografie
    01 Quite Coloured 09
  2. Pferdefotografie
    10 Diego 01
  3. Pferdefotografie
    34 Chaccon du Rouet 06
  4. Pferdefotografie
    104 Finest Prince 04
  5. Pferdefotografie
    156 Valissa 01
  6. Pferdefotografie
    186 Derby 19 05
  7. Pferdefotografie
    156 Valissa 04
  8. Pferdefotografie
    106 Tessi vom Heidberg 02
  9. Pferdefotografie
    179 Lillifee 04
  10. Pferdefotografie
    186 Derby 19 10
  11. Pferdefotografie
    Fohlen und Zuchtstuten Auktion
  12. Pferdefotografie
    Verdener Auktion Fohlen
The most expensive horse of this Hanoverian auction for foals and broodmares was the Dantes Junior / Fürst Novelist foal Derby.

More photos of all foals from the photo shoot and the price peaks of the auction on request at Foto Tammo Ernst. We will gladly email you all available pictures of the desired horse. Of course, also from past auctions or approvals.

For foals that are not admitted for auction on the selection dates or if a horse does not get a bid at the auction, we offer attractive special conditions.

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