Oldenburg stallion licensing and auction, historical

  1. Pferdefotografie
    Zeus Hengstmarkt 1975
  2. Pferdefotografie
    Volturno Siegerhengst 1972
  3. Pferdefotografie
    Vechta Körkommission 2007
  4. Pferdefotografie
    Vechta Hengstmarkt Auktion 2007
  5. Pferdefotografie
  6. Pferdefotografie
    Schrittring Vechta 2010
  7. Pferdefotografie
    Pflastermusterung Vechta 2010
  8. Pferdefotografie
    Pflasermusterung OL-Hengstkörung 2015
  9. Pferdefotografie
    Pferdezentrum Vechta Körkommission 2004
  10. Pferdefotografie
    OS-Hengstkörung Vechta 2004
  11. Pferdefotografie
    Oldenburger Junghengstkörung 2007
  12. Pferdefotografie
    Oldenburger Althengstparade 2007
  13. Pferdefotografie
    Longieren der Junghengste 2010
  14. Pferdefotografie
    Körung 1974 in Oldenburg
  15. Pferdefotografie
    Hengst-Katalogfoto Ernst Vechta 2004
  16. Pferdefotografie
    Fürst Romancier Donnerhall Freispringen 2010
  17. Pferdefotografie
    Duellgraf Hengst-Standfoto 1968
  18. Pferdefotografie
    Don Schufro Sandro Hit Siegerhengst 2010
  19. Pferdefotografie
    Das Auge OL 2002
  20. Pferdefotografie
    Auktionator Heckmann Körung 2015
  21. Pferdefotografie
    Körung 1995 Weser-Ems-Halle OL
  22. Pferdefotografie
    Körung beste Laune 1976
  23. Pferdefotografie
    Admiral OL-Koerung 1974
  24. Pferdefotografie
    1963 Siegerhengst Caruso

The Corona year 2020 is drawing to a close. Unfortunately, many horse breeding and equestrian events could not take place as usual. The 2020 Oldenburg Stallion Licensing is just an example to remind visitors of previous stallion licensing. And to refer to the extensive photo archive of Foto Ernst. Photographed by Werner and Tammo Ernst for decades. Ask for photos and our terms of use / fees for your purposes of licensed and non-licensed stallions, especially those of Hanoverian breeding. All image rights are held by Tammo and Hanni Ernst. We would be happy to email you all available photos of your horse, especially the catalog photos from the photo sessions in Verden. Stay healthy and let’s all start hopefully into 2021.

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