Photo session for the stallion catalog, licensing Vechta 2017

  1. Pferdefotografie
    Action Breaker Argentinus 01
  2. Pferdefotografie
    Ampere San Remo 07.
  3. Pferdefotografie
    Ampere Sandro Hit 02
  4. Pferdefotografie
    Belantis Sir Tender 06
  5. Pferdefotografie
    Calido Canturo 02
  6. Pferdefotografie
    Casallco Calido 04
  7. Pferdefotografie
    Cola Zero Ramirado 03
  8. Pferdefotografie
    Danciano Fuerstenball 06
  9. Pferdefotografie
    Danciano Fuerstenball 08
  10. Pferdefotografie
    Dante Weltino De Niro 03
  11. Pferdefotografie
    Darshan Colman 03
  12. Pferdefotografie
    Diamond Hit Fielmann 04
  13. Pferdefotografie
    Diamond Hit Fuerst Heinrich 02
  14. Pferdefotografie
    Diamond Hit Sandro Hit 02
  15. Pferdefotografie
    Farrell Boston 03
  16. Pferdefotografie
    Farrell Diamond Hit 01
  17. Pferdefotografie
    Finest Christ 04
  18. Pferdefotografie
    Finest San Amour I 03
  19. Pferdefotografie
    First Choice Zack 02
  20. Pferdefotografie
    Fuersten-Look Don Primero 01
  21. Pferdefotografie
    Fuerstenball Donnerhall 11.
  22. Pferdefotografie
    Fuerstenball Donnerhall 15.
  23. Pferdefotografie
    Fuerstenball Lauries Crusador xx 04
  24. Pferdefotografie
    Goldberg Rohdiamant 03
  25. Pferdefotografie
    Govenor Fuerstenball 02
  26. Pferdefotografie
    Governor Swarovski 03
  27. Pferdefotografie
    Grand Galaxy Win Romanov Blue Hors 01
  28. Pferdefotografie
    Grey Flanell Donnerschwee 03
  29. Pferdefotografie
    Grey Flanell Licotus 01
  30. Pferdefotografie
    Kash de Prissey Carrado II 02
  31. Pferdefotografie
    Londontime Danone 03
  32. Pferdefotografie
    Lyjanero Acobat II 03
  33. Pferdefotografie
    Lyjanero Acobat II 05
  34. Pferdefotografie
    Millenium Rubin-Royal 14
  35. Pferdefotografie
    Sandro Hit Fuerst Heinrich 01
  36. Pferdefotografie
    Sir Donnerhall Fuerst Romancier 08
  37. Pferdefotografie
    Toulon Canturo 01
  38. Pferdefotografie
    Vincent Maranello Jazz 06
  39. Pferdefotografie
    Wild Child Florencio I 06
  40. Pferdefotografie
    Wild Child Florencio I 08

These and other photos of the Oldenburg Stallion Days, the Premium Stallions, Champion Stallions, the Free Jumping and the Auction as well as all licensed and unapproved stallions are available on request by Tammo Ernst. More photos to view from the actual Oldenburg licensing in the Horse Center Vechta follows after the event.

Photos of the OS jumping stallions not approved for licensing can be requested until December 12, 2017. Here we grant over 50% discount (except photo prints) on our photos for the own marketing / advertising of your young stallion.

For all offers, orders, publications and orders, the inclusion of our terms of use.

Of course, this also applies to photos of Werner and Tammo Ernst, which may already be available, eg. As a photo print, file, catalog photo or scan. So not without my prior consent images print or publish on the Internet, etc. This goes wrong sometime and becomes unnecessarily expensive.

Please note our company holidays from December 21st to January 12th. There is a break between people and materials.

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